As easy as 1,2,3!


We are always looking for ways to enhance the spaces you already have.

Most recently we helped our client create a workable space that was technically, already there, but simply needed a rethink.

1) We removed the partition wall whilst remaining mindful of the need for under roof access

2) Retained the depth of the previous space

3) Constructed a combination unit that repurposed the space to have; organisational storage, shelving, roof access and a lot of style!

Job done!

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Hidden spaces

The fun of having a space that appears to be something other than what people initially think, never gets old.

We have done our fair share of hidden panels, subtle cabinets and smooth faced wardrobes that open to cavernous interiors with a simple push.

These spaces can be as hidden as you want or as secret as a James Bond ejector seat, although we have yet to build one of those!

Make features to your home that set it apart and are the admiration of your friends and family!

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Side of house sharpen up!

Have you got one of those really well used spaces around your house that by its very nature can look a little, unloved?

Well we know how easily a ‘working space’ can detract from a ‘relaxation space’ so by using a little garden separation we can create two areas that are clearly fit for purpose.

Really pleased with this elegant fencing we’ve put together for one of our Tooting based clients.

The clean lines of the fencing really helped add and element of elegance to the side of the house and created a distinct working area, separate from the rear garden and as an added bonus helped to safely screen the bicycle storage unit, a target around South London for opportunist thieves.

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One of the best aspects to this job is seeing a transformation unfold. Seeing the client go from slightly dubious, to marginally terrified then finally, absolutely thrilled!


Not all jobs are of the scale that gives people sleepless nights with concern over the finished product but that same pattern rings true on even some of the smallest jobs we’ve tackled.


Part of bespoke carpentry will always entail an element of renewal and regeneration which starts, unfortunately, by saying goodbye to old fittings and furnishings and launching into an unknown world where your once tired but happy home starts to look like its been stripped back to a building site, its scary!


Our master craftsman are well aware that you may need a tea and a site down at the start of some projects, but let us put your mind at ease, this is entirely normal, we are sympathetic, but every journey starts with that first step and sometimes, well that step is big!


The finished product, however, the relief, satisfaction and countless hours, days, weeks, years enjoyment afterwards, THAT is always worth it!





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